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By Chishm


Download GBAMP Skinner program
Download GBAMP Skinner Source Code (for VC++)

Make BACKIMG using combined bitmaps
Make BACKIMG from 12 separate bitmaps
Images used in default skin
Images used in e10 skin

GBAMP Deskinner:
Download GBAMP Deskinner program
Download GBAMP Deskinner Source Code (for VC++)

BACKIMG file format:
Check this document for all the information I managed to reverse engineer from the file.

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This is a tool for converting a bunch of bitmaps into a BACKIMG file for use on the Gameboy Advance Movie Player (GBAMP).

How to install:

  1. Download the appropriate program and examples.
  2. Extract it to any folder.
  3. Run GBAMP Skinner.exe.
  4. A BACKIMG file will appear in the same directory.
  5. That's it!

How to create a custom skin using the combined method:

  1. Download the combined images example.
  2. Edit each of the four bitmaps, replacing the images with your own, in the same location and size on the bitmap.
  3. Save it as a 256 colour uncompressed Windows bitmap.
  4. Open BackImg.ini in a text editor.
    • To change the text colours, change the values on the right of each of the lines under the [Color] heading, using Red, Green, Blue notation.
      Eg: To make the menu text red, change the line Menu = 255,255,255 to Menu = 255, 0, 0.
    • To change the icon postions, change the values on the right of each of the lines under the [MenuIconPosition] heading, using X,Y notation to specify the top left of the icon.
      Eg: To make the Movie Icon appear in the top left of the screen, change the line Movie = 12,21 to Movie = 0,0.
    • To turn help text on, specify ShowHelpText = True under [Flags].
  5. Save the BackImg.ini file in the same location as all the bitmaps.
  6. Put GBAMP Skinner.exe in the same place as all the files that make up the skin.
  7. Run GBAMP Skinner.exe.
  8. BACKIMG should now appear in the same directory. If not, then copy the Run_Skin.bat batch file to the directory and run it in the same directory to see any errors.

How to create a custom skin using the separate method:

  1. Download the separate images example.
  2. The rest is the same as for the combined method, except each image is in its own bitmap file.

How to extract a skin into separate files:

  1. Download the GBAMP Deskinner program.
  2. Extract the files into a directory containing the BACKIMG you wish to extract.
  3. Make sure there are no bitmaps or inis in that directory that you want to keep. You have been warned.
  4. Run GBAMP Deskinner.exe.
  5. That's it.

About the old firmware version (e10 and before):

If you are using a GBAMP firmware version of e10 or less it will only show 5 icons. If you want to create skins for this version, change the FirmwareVersion to e10 in the BackImg.ini file. Since the icons used are different, Menu_Icon_Image and Menu_Icon_Game are not used. You can remove these lines if you wish. You will need to add an entry for the About icon, in the form of Main_Icon_About = "Main_Icon_About.bmp" , 0, 0, 64, 64. For an example of the files used to make an old BACKIMG file, use GBAMP Deskinner to deskin one of the skins already available or download

Thanks to:

Lightatdawn for his/her bitmap example
Aisha Ikram for his/her ini class.

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