An Xvid video player for the Nintendo DS

Tuna-viDS plays AVI files that contain Xvid encoded video and MP3 encoded audio.


The latest release is tuna-viDS v1.1. You can also download the latest source code.

The previous version is tuna-viDS v1.0, with source code also available.

The Christmas 2007 release is here.


Tuna-viDS will load files from the path supplied by a loader. The loader itself is included in the tuna-viDS download. The loader source code is also available.


Either touch the controls on screen, or use the following buttons:


  1. Copy tuna-viDS.nds to the root of your flash card or to /DS/tuna-viDS/tuna-viDS.nds or to /data/tuna-viDS/tuna-viDS.nds
  2. DLDI patch tuna-open.nds and copy it to your flash card
  3. Run tuna-open.nds
  4. Select an AVI file to play


Converting videos

Tuna-viDS plays videos with the following format:

You can use FFmpeg to convert videos with this command (all one line):

ffmpeg -i <infile> -f avi -r 10 -s 256x192 -b 192k -bt 64k -vcodec libxvid -deinterlace -acodec libmp3lame -ar 32000 -ab 96k -ac 2 tuna-vids.avi

This encodes the video as Xvid at 256×192px, 10fps, 192±64kbps. You can try up to 12fps, but anything higher will slow down the decoder too much. It encodes the audio as stereo MP3 at 32kHz, 96kbps. It muxes it into an AVI container with the filename "tuna-vids.avi". Feel free to experiment with bit rates, sample rates, and frame rates. Just keep the video exactly 256px wide and no more than 192px tall.