FAT filesystem library for the GBA and NDS

This has been deprecated in favour of libfat and is no longer in development. There will be no further bug fixes to gba_nds_fat. I suggest you upgrade to libfat if you find gba_nds_fat is not for you.

This allows developers to read and write to FAT filesystems on compact flash, MMC or SD cards, using one of the supported devices. Various people have helped me with this library, so check the readme for contributers.
Original GBAMP version

Supported devices

Fully supported

Partially supported devices (read only, disabled by default)

Adding support for DLDI

First download a backported IO_INTERFACE and extract the contents to your gba_nds_fat source directory.

Next add io_dldi as the first driver in the initialization list. In disc_io.c, under the line // Include known io-interfaces:, add the line #include "io_dldi.h". In the function bool disc_setGbaSlotInterface (void) add the following code before the line #ifdef SUPPORT_M3CF:

// check if we have a valid DLDI driver
active_interface = DLDI_GetInterface();
if (active_interface->fn_StartUp())
    // set the DLDI driver as the default IO
    return true;
In the function bool disc_setDsSlotInterface(void) add the same block of code just before the line #ifdef SUPPORT_NMMC.

You should now be able to patch your application with DLDI files.