GBAMP NDS Firmware Hack

My firmware hack allows you to run NDS files from a compact flash cart using a PassMe, FlashMe or WifiMe. This is intended purely for homebrew purposes. DO NOT ask about any commercial ROMs. This includes demos. Any such questions will be met with hostility. You have been warned.

This is only for the GBAMP CF (Game Boy Advance Movie Player Compact Flash version). This will not work on the GBAMP SD (Game Boy Advance Movie Player Secure Digital version). The manufacturers of the GBAMP SD have released an update similar to NDS MP. It is on the downloads section of the Movie Advance website.

Version 2.11

This is the latest version. It has all of the features of v2.04, plus it reloads the DS's firmware settings at each boot. It also compiles with DevkitARM r20.

Get it here.

Version 2.04

Get it here.

Large parts are based on MultiNDS loader by Darkain.
File system code based on GBAMP_CF.c by Chishm (me).
Flashing tool written by DarkFader.
Chunks of firmware removed with help from Dwedit.



To use:

  1. Flash your GBAMP using one of the included files.
  2. Put a _BOOT_MP.NDS file on the root directory of the card.
  3. If using a bootloader, put other NDS files on the card.
  4. Start it using a PassMe, WifiMe or FlashMe.
  5. Enjoy

Version 1

This is a simple version with out many features but proven stability. Instructions for use are included in the zip. Download