Windows GUI

Written by Adam Hodson (bob_fossil) and Maxim

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The Windows GUI version of dlditool provides a graphical interface for patching. It has been translated into a Simplified Chinese version by yeyezai.


Start the app, and you should see the following screen:

Click on the "..." button next to the DLDI File and browse the the directory you saved your specific DLDI file to.

Next, click on the "..." button next to the Binaries area and browse to the file you need to patch. In this example, it will be the .nds file. If you are using a SuperCard (for example) you are going to choose the .ds.gba file, after patching, and rename it to .sc.nds. You can also just drag and drop the file into the Win32 GUI.

So, now that we have the DLDI file chosen, and the .nds file chosen, we just hit the "Patch" button as shown:

If all went well, you should get the following:

The file is now patched to run from your media device.